Farm Blocks

"Fuko-chan at your service~!"

Inspired by Minecraft, Farm Blocks is a computer game in development by Legend (it’s that weird guy). The game is made of up of square-shaped objects called blocks. This includes the environment! Grow crops, fight monsters, and manipulate your world as you save it from the destruction created by mankind!

If you want more information about the game, read some of these articles~!

Farm Blocks Articles:

1. Introduction
2. Day and Night
3. Seasons
4. Seeds and Plants
5. Crafting
6. Faust
7. Ores
8. Sheep
9. Explosives
10. Trees
11. Pickaxe Recipe (video)
12. Beta Release

Please note; the game is no longer in development! The weird guy stated his reasons for this decision in post 12, above.

If you’ve found a bug in the game, you can report it below!

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