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November 4, 2011

Improving my Writing

by Legend

I’m really bad for not mentioning this earlier, since I started way back in July, but I’ve joined a roleplay. What is a roleplay, you ask?

According to Wikipedia…

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September 7, 2011

Zelda and Fanfiction Ranting

by Legend

S’more re-releasing! This time I’m showing off a fanfiction I wrote, which is once again in the world of The Legend of Zelda. I was obsessed with that series back then. I still love it, after all, my favourite video game ever comes from the series, but I’m not as obsessed.

Fanfiction is an erk! topic for me.

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April 19, 2009

>Another Poem…..?

by Legend

>Yes, I have written another poem. It is about the sadness of life, and how it will pass eventually.

~Sadness Shall Pass~
Sunny days don’t last,
Sadness takes over fast,
Raindrops take warmth and rule,
Life is ultimately cruel,
Depression is sneaking up,
And when you have learned enough,
Death seeps into your life and takes all that you hold dear,
Do not despair, do not fear, do not shed a single tear,
Keep your head up high,
Do not give up your try,
When gloom takes over your life,
Wait, it shall pass without a fight,
And the sun shall shine again,
So stay alive and true until then.

April 12, 2009


by Legend

>As well as creating comics and drawing and such, I also like to make poems.
This one is rather depressing, talking about the end of a world I made up called Vasesar.

The End of A World
By the end of time you shall know,
How seven signs show earth go,
First is weather gone through,
Second is law bent from true,
Third is drought, staying to keep,
Fourth is loss for people to speak,
Fifth is when the stars collapse,
Sixth is when the earth gaps,
Seventh is Death himself,
Taking all that matter more then wealth,
These seven signs show what lies,
For ahead is of the earth’s demise.