"Hi! I'm Fuko Ibuki!"

Just call me Fuko-chan if you want. I’m the mascot here at Starfish Festival! Please, take a look around~

Oh, oh! Take a starfish, too! They’re so cute~ Don’t you ah… ah.. agree…!


Staaaarfiiiish… so cute…

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

I’m supposed to tell you about the weird guy! His name is Legend, but you can also call him Densetsu. He runs this blog! He writes about anime, video games, hobbies, and starfish, so if you like those kinds of things, bookmark us!

I’ll be here, making starfish carvings. Leave some comments on the site, it will make the weird guy happy to see your output. And if you have anything to say about the starfish, speak up!

6 Comments to “About”

  1. Just from the the pictures of Fuko, i knew it was Clannad xD

    • “Aha, you know who I am! It is good, the word of the starfish have spread far.”

      Yeah, I love Clannad. Unfortunately I still haven’t seen the After Story yet… >.>

  2. Your Fuko imaitaionsare awsone

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