by Legend

TwitPic, WordPress to go dark for online SOPA protest

What’s SOPA?

3 Comments to “SOPA”

  1. Hey… are u ??? from freewebs? Im Elizabeth! Do u remember me? I’ve been trying to find u and the other ppl we talked on freewebs, like softdusk and teka, u know! How’s it going? 😀

    • Whoa, it’s been such a long time. What a surprise! How are you?

      I myself am… well my blog is pretty dead. xP I’ve been obsessively playing Pokemon day and night, and well, other random hobbies.

      Do you have an email and/or Skype I can use to contact you?

      • I have the same hobbies with you! lol! I also love mangas, animes and pokemon xDD My skype is savakoarayame. Add me there so we can chat!

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