Farm Blocks: Announcement

by Legend

I have an announcement to make, this is very important! I have finally released a beta of Farm Blocks!

There’s some good news and some relatively bad news in this.

Firstly, I will start with the bad: I have decided to halt development on Farm Blocks indefinitely. This means that while you can play it now, you are not playing the finished product and it’s staying that way. The source code for the game is too messy and everywhere; this was caused by my inexperience when I started the game. Now that I have more experience, the way the game was initially coded hinders my progress.

The second reason I’m halting it is because the final game is too big for one person alone to finish. I don’t have enough time to get it done. However, even though the game will not be finished, I’m not bitter about that. After all, the purpose of the game has been fulfilled: I have learned new skills and techniques in it’s development time. Now, I have time to try and learn Java programming language to start coding more complex things than Game Maker can. And that, is the good news.

Please enjoy the game, if you decide to download it. If there are any bugs to report, you can send them to me in the Farm Blocks page, there is a form there for contact. Even if I’m done the game, I will still fix any bugs found.

Here’s the download. Thanks for the support!

Now I will go and set up my new laptop that literally just arrived in the mail (my old one is really slow and too small).

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