by Legend

Well, well, time really does fly. It was only last year that it was Christmas, and now it’s Christmas again? That’s crazy.

Hop inside for awesome development.

Things are getting really cozy with all the Christmas decorations up. Also the snow is back this year uninvited (as usual).

I’m excited to say that I’ll be getting a new laptop in a week or so! Finally, I won’t have to use this toaster of a computer.

In terms of video games, Super Mario 3D Land is turning out to be unbelievably long. I’m not going to say anything, since my review of the game is still down the road. Skyward Sword, I haven’t played that much, because I’ve been distracted with my Minecraft Server.

Speaking of Minecraft, I’m working on a mod (as in, a fan-made modification to the game) that adds amazing features to the currently bland oceans of Minecraft.

Seaweed, w00t!

That image above is the recently added seaweed. This mod isn’t very far into development, so I’m not going to leave any downloads yet.

Aww. Don't hurt the little thing!

And of course, what would an ocean mod be without starfish? The cute little things drop starfish shards when killed (heaven forbid) or sheared, which can be used to make shuriken weapons.

So that’s what I’ve been working on lately. Until next time~

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