Another Post about Sprites

by Legend

Before I dive into it, I want to keep you guys up to date on what I’m working on for updates. “Woah, Legend, you’re actually working on new stuff instead of recycling trash?”

Yeah, I am.I’m actually going to write some game reviews for Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword after I finish playing said titles. I’m nearly done playing 3D Land; as for Skyward, I just started the game yesterday, so the review might not be out for a little while.

As for my Rune Factory games… Rune Factory 2 is dis-interesting me so far, simply because compared to the third instalment it’s very primitive. It’s kind of like going from swimming in the ocean to swimming in a small pool in your backyard. Combined with the fact that I’m excited about newer games (see above paragraph), RF2 may not be played for a while.

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny is, quite frankly, not that interesting to me either. The way it’s designed, most of the features that caused me to love RF3 are toned down so that the combat system could be beefed up. While this is good if I want to mash buttons, it’s not exactly the kind of thing I expect in RF. Rune Factory games need a lot of balance between all the farming, fighting, dating, cooking, crafting, and following the main storyline, and it seems Tides of Destiny is too focused on the combat for that.

Now to the reason of the post: I’ve bunched together some sprite sheets and comics that I made and never followed through. Some of these were even made by my friends (and family), actually.

The NONSENSE Comic #1
The NONSENSE Comic #2

How to Make a Sprite Comic
How to Make a Sprite

Komila Pranks #1
Komila Pranks #2
Komila Pranks #3
Komila Sprite Sheet
Sonic & Komila

Silly Monster Sprites #1
Silly Monster Sprites #2

Kirby Galaxy #1
Kirby Galaxy #2

Pokemon Wallpaper

The following were created by my brother:

Idiot War Men #1-3
Idiot War Men #4
Idiot War Men #5
Old Kirby Comic

The following were created by some of my friends:

Nip’s Art
More of Nip’s Art

I also made a few non-sprite comic goodies:

Kafei Komic
Character Sketch
Clay Creations

Father’s Day Card

Mofy Comic #1
Mofy Comic #2
Mofy Comic #3-5

NintenBrawl #1
NintenBrawl #2
Pikmin Reality

I know, it’s a lot to look at. I think we’re almost done the recycling~!

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