Dimensional Birthday

by Legend

Glorious box!

The twenty-second was my birthday. It was quite interesting. Hop inside for explanations!

Two days before the actual day, we (we as in me, brother, twin sisters, grandma and mom) went out shopping for groceries and other necessities. I money saved up, so when I saw the glorious Nintendo 3DS there I just had to buy it. I had been contemplating this purchase for months, and since the system recently had an 80 dollar price drop, leaving without it wasn’t an option.

The nostalgia in this case is too much for the standard second-dimension.

My brother got one, too, and we picked up one game (the only one there that interested us), The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Goodness, this game was a nostalgic experience. The first video game I ever owned was the original Ocarina of Time. Playing the remake brought back memories. I’m really hoping Majora’s Mask (the sequel) gets a remake.

This picture looked better in 3D.

The system is amazing. The top screen is full of three-dimensional goodness, the best part being that you don’t need special glasses or other such things to see the epic. The bottom screen is a touch-screen, just like the last DS. It can access the internet, take 3D photos, and it even has augmented reality capabilities (with a built-in pedometer to boot).

So many buttons and other gizmos.

Buttons, goodness, buttons! I remember the days when video game systems had no more than five buttons. The 3DS has a whopping ten buttons, an analog stick, d-pad, and three different sliders. The stylus is stored on the back of the system.

I also learned the other day that the SD card can be ejected from the 3DS and inserted into a computer. Here I can access the photos and even add my favourite music to it (like a tiny iPod). Yes, I put Vocaloid in there~

This game is FUN.

On the actual day of my birthday, my parents purchased for me the above game, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. I specifically asked for the game, so it’s good to know I’ve got good service.

Rune Factory games are a nice blend of farming, fighting, and socializing into one game. You usually play as a character who mysteriously turns up at this small village with no memory of their past life. Then you proceed to follow the story and end up fighting/taming monsters, growing crops, crafting tools, and building relationships, eventually getting married and having a child/children.

I started my first Rune Factory last year (coincidentally for my birthday) with Rune Factory 3. I was eagerly awaiting the new title. I have stuff to complain about about it, but that can wait until another post.

It's another coincidence. Go figure.

The next day when my parents were out shopping, they called me and said they found another Rune Factory game at a clearance sale. They asked me if I wanted them to pick it up for me. It was Rune Factory 2. You better believe I said yes! I haven’t played the game just yet, because I’m content for the moment with my other new games (the last time I was content with new games, I ended up never opening Super Mario Galaxy 2).

And now Halloween is approaching! I love this holiday, it’s probably my favourite. Expect some Halloween posting done. Hopefully.

BEHOLD, I hath written thee a wall of text.

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