Farm Blocks: It is Fixed~

by Legend

It seems that I use “so” to start my posts too much, don’t I?

I fixed it.

Look at that! It’s fixed! Sure, it’s missing gold, lapis lazuli, and platinum, but now that I’ve already done it, I can do it again and get those done later.

Also, I’ve added the option to delete your saved worlds (which is good) and added a loading bar for when the game starts up.

And that’s all~

3 Comments to “Farm Blocks: It is Fixed~”

  1. When do you think the game will be completed?
    Also you should add multiplayer and charge money for the game! ^_^

    • Well, completion is far far away, but the first beta release should be soon.

      As for multiplayer, it is a planned feature. I’m not sure if I should charge money for the game, though. Would you pay for a game like this?

  2. yes
    It would be worth it so my cousin can get the things he wants

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