Farm Blocks: The Glitch

by Legend

It seems I’ve been neglecting posting on the ol’ blog. That will not do, will it?

This isn’t going to be a long post. I hope you guys don’t mind. Life is very busy. My days a literally just school, Farm Blocks work, game playing, eating and sleep (and the occasional Youtube lurking).

Anyways, I was working on making the terrain generation on Farm Blocks more grid-like than the super-mixed up thing it was.

Anyways, after some work, this is what it became. Look like I’d never run out of any Lapis Lazuli anytime soon. I will fix the glitch tomorrow.

Also, the inventory is different from past versions. In past versions, all items are shown in the inventory, regardless if you have them or not. Now only the items you have obtained will appear to you.

This is all a part of the Beta release, which is taking longer than it should. Maybe I should get someone to help me finish it sooner. I’ve got a lot of work:

~Finish the new terrain generation code
~Add a story-line scene at the beginning
~Add an effective tutorial
~Re-do the combat system
~Re-do mob AI
~Add new blocks that will store items
~Iron out as many bugs as possible

That’s my checklist, for now. Look forward to the release.

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