by Legend

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday (which is actually October 22nd; we had an early party to fit our schedule). Relatives came by, we had awesome party treats (chips, ice cream, and cake, oh my), and the stuff I got pleased me greatly. So… what did I get?

Lotsa’ money, a t-shirt, a book and a video-game. The book in question was the last volume of the Shugo Chara! manga, which I just started and finished reading this morning. The video-game was Terraria, which I was given by my brother. It’s a computer game, no discs; it’s all digital. I downloaded the game he bought with he hard-earned cash.

Downloading took a while. First I download Steam, which downloads Terraria, then install Terraria and update Steam and update Terraria and blahblahblah. The most confusing 10 minutes I’ve had in a party.

Anyways, after I started it up, I created my character and started a new world. I chose a large world type, but that took another 10 minutes to set up so I just cancelled and created a medium world type (which took barely any time at all). I cut down a few trees, built a house, and then turned off the game and returned to the partying at hand. I continued playing after everybody left.

Eventually it got late, so I had to stop my deep-cave mining for ores in Terraria and went to bed. I was excited about the game, so I lost some sleep thinking about it.

So what’s it like? Terraria is similar to Minecraft. They share a lot of similar features. The world is made out of blocks (or you can call them tiles). There are tools, and crafting as well. The best way to describe the game is an adventure-oriented, 2-D Minecraft. It’s pretty fun, even though I haven’t played it a lot yet.

For today I’m going to try and watch some Shugo Chara! anime, work on Farm Blocks, and then play Terraria later. On other news, I’ve been doing lots of school (not really as bad as I say), attempting to make modifications for Minecraft, and also trying to keep up with my hobbies.

And that concludes this post. Starfish away~!

4 Comments to “Terraria”

  1. Man I want this now! lol

  2. See you tomorrow for thanksgiving Cousin oh mine! WE’ll eat lot’s of turkey! 🙂

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