Rin’ – Sakura Sakura

by Legend

I’ve decided not to keep my weekly Youtube referring to just Vocaloid. I will show off interesting videos or music, whatever has caught my eye. And I will also inform about my status on projects.

So now that I’m full swing into school stuff, doing blog posts isn’t as easy to do. I feel like a juggler, what with school, drawing, writing, Farm Blocks, gaming, anime, and whatever else I do that I’m not thinking of at the moment. I make myself sound busier than I am. I waste a lot of time on Youtube trying to find videos and music to appease my constant hunger for inspiration. I guess I could be using that time for something for more constructive, but meh.

I think days need more time in them. You can never get enough done in one day. Before you know it, it’s already the end of the day and you’re left wondering where it all went. It feels like I have lots to do, yet nothing to do. Lots of time, yet not time at all. It’s the Contradictory Theory in action.

Here’s a song I found quite the inspiration.

Sakura Sakura

By the Japanese pop group Rin’


6 Comments to “Rin’ – Sakura Sakura”

  1. Lol you got all those messages about update?

  2. all good I was just trying to annoy you… lol

  3. why is it bluring out?

  4. nevermind it was just my computer acting funny to vids

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