Quest to Find Music

by Legend

This post was already written, but somehow WordPress deleted it, much to my anger. Here is a (better) rewrite~

Anyways, I like to listen to music while I draw or work on Farm Blocks because it helps keep me motivated. But then I realized something recently.

I don’t really like Hatsune Miku. Her music is too high, her music is way too happy for my taste. Seriously. I like happy music, but it’s too slow. The few quicker songs she has actual motivate me, but if a song is too slow-happy, it really won’t interest me. I prefer quicker-paced, dramatic kinds of music. I asked my dad if he knew any bands with those types of songs, and he gave me some CDs to The Killers, Radiohead, and a few other bands. So now I have some good music to listen to.

But back to the main point of the post, Miku is no longer my favourite Vocaloid. My favourite Vocaloid is now Kagamine Rin.

She’s the girl on the left. The guy on the right is Kagamine Len, her twin brother. Officially we don’t know if they’re twins or lovers, but I like to think them twins. A lot of times the two sing duets, but when they’re not, I prefer Rin because I’m not a fan of Len’s “shota” voice.

In other news, I got rid of that Miku header image because if looks too bright and ugly. I’m also going to try and redo the “about” page sometime. It’s really cluttered and needs some work.

I was thinking about doing a post on my blog every week about something (Vocaloid-realated) of interest I’ve found on Youtube. To kick that off, I’m putting up one of my personal favourite Vocaloid songs.


Sung by Kagamine Rin

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  1. why don’t u update any more?

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