Ubuntu Linux

by Legend

So there’s MicrosoftWindows, Mac, and Linux, as operating systems for computers. My computer is now a dual-boot between Windows and Linux.

Well. Windows and Ubuntu, to be exact.

In terms of those achievements I’m working on…

1) I’m slowly in the process of  beating Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. As for Game & Watch Gallery 3, I’ve sort of got bored of that game… I’ll have to replace it on my list sometime.

2) My Minecraft dungeon is nearly finished; it has one room left to be built. I hope to be finished soon.

3) The manga story is sort of in hiatus right now because the time I use to work on it is taken up by 5, below.

4) Still watching anime.

5) This brings me to my main point… I have to get Ubuntu working, because after I boot it up, it works fine, except for the fact that it has no internet connection. I’ve been spending a lot of my time trying to fix this. Let’s hope it’s done soon.

The easiest way I can explain the operating system is that Ubuntu is a “sub-version” of Linux.

Farm Blocks! I finally finished that recipe book, now I’m working on adding the storyline intro. After that, a tutorial, than bug fixes, then a new inventory system, and Beta Release~

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One Comment to “Ubuntu Linux”

  1. hmm…… well you got be confused at, ” So there’s Windows”!

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