by Legend

It’s another one. Expect one tomorrow, too.

What am I talking about? The referring to of Super Two. This is the third day of re-releasing.

Being a musical guy, I like to record songs I played, whither I composed them or not, and upload them to my website. I still play music nowadays, but I don’t upload the songs anymore. I think I lost interest after I got a new computer.

Love’s Domain
The Legend Begins
Driving Range
Fantasy Daydream

I also liked to listen to music. When I was hooked on the DS game Avalon Code, I put up the intro song (which I still like today) on my blog.

Avalon Code

‘Tis all for now! See you tomorrow~

2 Comments to “Musical”

  1. This is what I am talking about posts like these every couple days! 😀
    Thank you for your ability yo learn

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