Shugo Chara!

by Legend

Yesterday we (we as in me and my family) stopped by a local library that was in renovation. We hadn’t seen the revamped library since before it was renovated, so coming into the new and improved building was refreshing. I don’t have pictures of the library, but it was a lot more spacious and organized then the cramped building it used to be.

As soon as I entered, I was first thinking, “Why are we at the library?” Suddenly my tired brain remembered, I love the library! Hop inside for details of my visit to the shrine of books.

I am an avid reader, and if you didn’t know that, I’m sorry I never made it clearer before. I could spend my entire day at the library, and I’d probably be sad to leave by the end of it. When I was younger, I would browse the shelves in search of interesting books. That day, however, I had a different objective: I was in search of manga.

Lately I’ve been trying to find lots of anime and manga for myself, which is what I was looking for in the library. As soon as we entered, I made a beeline for the computers. The first one I found was without a taskbar or files, so I entered CTRL+ALT+DELETE. The task manager was locked from use. Without any of that, the computer was rendered completely useless, so I moved on to the next one.

I searched a variety of keywords, including (but not limited to): anime, manga, clannad, lucky star, kanon, haruhi, shugo chara. Most of these (which were anime names) returned negative results (or just anime/manga that I never heard of). The last two, Haruhi and Shugo Chara, were successful. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya manga vol.1 was already checked out, so I reserved it for next time it was in. I’d talk about that one, but that’s a story for another time.

Shugo Chara!
manga was in. I didn’t know that much about it (I knew of the anime, but I didn’t know it was a manga as well), but a friend recommended it, so I decided to try it out. I only found a few mixed volume numbers. There were no volumes 1 or 3 currently checked in, so I had to reserve them.

Unfortunately for me, I had to start in volume 2, which was kind of confusing at first. In no time, I got into the story and loving the characters. I finished all the volumes I grabbed (2, 4, and 5), but today I’m only going to be writing about the second.


The girl on the cover looked cute enough to be a protagonist, so I was expecting kawaii* throughout the story (you’ll find out soon enough if I found some). The cover was bent back, but I was used to books like that from a library. I didn’t read the back introduction to the story, because I hate how it usually reveals a bunch of the story ahead of time (call me picky).

Opening the book, there was a short Japanese honorifics introductory page, which I thought was good because that meant the book used honorifics. I dislike it when translated manga and anime leave out the honorifics (call me picky again).

Flipping to the first page, I see who I assume to be the protagonist in a cute cheerleader’s outfit. I flipped through a few pages, and becoming more interested by the minute, I closed the book and decided that moment that this manga was coming with me. I took volumes 2, 4, and 5 for starters.


As much as I could gather from this second volume, Amu Hinamori is a 5th grader at an elementary school who other classmates think is “cool.” Amu not sure of who she really is, cool or not, and she wishes to learn about her inner self. The next morning three colourful eggs appear in her bed. They hatch into three Guardian Characters: Ran, Miki, and Su. Apparently these Characters are supposed to help her unlock her heart, like she wished. Amu is asked to join the Guardians of Seiyo Elementary School, a group of students at her school who also have Guardian Characters.

So on the first page, there’s Amu in a cheerleader outfit, and a boy (who I later learn is called Kukai) says, “that’s the Character Transformation!” Ran, Miki, and Su can “Character Transform” with Amu, which I assumed had something to do with her inner self. Amu was supposed to find X Eggs, people’s dreams and inner selves that have gone to waste (or so I had understood). I guess X Eggs are supposed to be easier to get in Character Transformation, and that was why Amu was in cheerleader form. Amy does fail in getting the egg, and she returns to normal form in seconds.


I’m not going into the whole story of the volumes I got, but so far I definitely recommend it. It’s a pretty clean manga, it’s got an interesting plot, cute characters, and funny moments. I still need to read some more volumes before I give my full opinion.

Stay tuned for future Shugo Chara! blogging goodness.

*Kawaii is Japanese for cute.

5 Comments to “Shugo Chara!”

    • Aww, but that’s no fun! Reading the book in my hands is awesome because the art is right there to enjoy! Call me old school, but I prefer reading on paper over computer screens.

      But thanks anyway for sharing that link!

  1. Okay, that’s fine if your library has the whole series. I just assumed it didn’t since they’re so hard to find. 🙂

  2. Yoi can buy them in Bookdepository 😉

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