Hatsune Miku

by Legend

I listen to lots of different types music (my favourite band is Evanescence, go google it if you want). Some of the music I like is from Hatsune Miku.

So who is she? Well first of all, her name over here in the west is Miku Hatsune, because name order is opposite in Japan (note that I already use Western order for names when I write of anime and manga).

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This is Miku-chan, and you may have seen her in my website header (refresh the page to change the header).

Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid software, which is described on Wikipedia as a “singing synthesizer application,” which basically means the user can input lyrics and the Vocaloid will sing it. She was developed by Crypton Future Media. She’s a Japanese software, but an English version of Miku is in the works, as well.

In 2009, Miku and other Vocaloid appeared in concerts in Japan. By concerts, I mean she was projected onto a transparent screen, and would sing and dance.The projections are life-like enough to make me think they were 3D holograms, but that’s not the case (either way, it’s good technology).

Here she is at a concert singing my favourite Miku song, World is Mine:

Recently Miku had a concert down in the USA in California, unfortunately for me. I’m hoping Canada will get a concert close by here so I can go.

I’m probably going to bring up Miku in the future, so that’s why I wrote this introductory article first.

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