Starfish Festival

by Legend

Finally, the Starfish Festival, my new blog, has appeared!

The Starfish Festival has branched off from my old blog, Super Two. For those of you migrating, welcome to the new blog! For those of you new, welcome to the new blog!

I have transferred most of my good posts from Super Two to this blog. To the right of this post is a sidebar with images of the categories I write about. I spent a little while making them, so go on and click!

I have three header images that appear randomly. Currently Fuko Ibuki (the mascot of the Starfish Festival) appears 50% of the time. 25% of the time, Hatsune Miku is in the header, and 25% of the time, an image of my game Farm Blocks is the header.

For more info (like the reason for this blog’s name), click the “About” page under the header.

Also, to those who wanted me to change my blog name “Super Two”, you’re probably thinking that this new blog name is just as bad/worse. Well I’m sorry about that, I know this new name is unexpected, but it’s what I’ve chose.

Starfish away~!

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