>Site Revamp, New Poll, and Japan

by Legend

>So lately I’ve been thinking about changing my site drastically.

Firstly, I want to change the design (again). It’s starting to bug me with all the stars. I want to give it a more simple design, like a blank colour or something.

Secondly, the name of my website doesn’t reflect on my life very much anymore (did it ever?), so I want to change that as well. Don’t worry, I’m putting up a poll about it, and this will influence my decision somewhat (or at least it should).

Thirdly, my blog’s content. I’ve noticed that a lot of big things in my life haven’t shown up on my blog. *gasp* Including my interests in Japan, Java programming, Manga art, books I read, and more. Sure, I’ve hinted at these things, maybe an odd post or two about them, but I haven’t really put a lot of content into those things.

It’s going to change!

I envision my blog in the near future about me and my life (like blogs should be) and not strictly about what I create. I think I’ve finally realized that that is what my blog should be and I am going for it.

Also, my blog needs more images in its posts.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~
To start off with my blog revelation, I’m going to create an article about something I like love am obsessed with: Japan.
Pretty Japanese building!
So, what do I like about the East Asian country?
Everything! I enjoy their art style (Manga), Anime, food (pass the sushi), music, culture, language, and more.
The Japanese Manga art style!
 When I draw pictures, I try to keep to this art style. Magnificent, is it not? The picture above comes from the Anime (Japanese animation) called Clannad. So far it’s pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll publish a review about it later.

Delicious sushi!

I myself haven’t tried very many Japanese foods, only Sushi, and it didn’t even have raw fish in it! It was just cooked and flavoured to taste raw! Pah! I hope to try out more Japanese foods in the future. They certainly look scrumptious.

Amazing music! Japanese music is inspiring stuff. I’ll post about my favourite Japanese pop star, Hatsune Miku, another time.

What does this say?

The Japanese Language is complex, having three alphabets! Two of the alphabets (collectively known as the Kana) are used for pronunciation and each have 48 symbols. The last alphabet, the Kanji, has thousands of symbols, used for ideas and such.

Those are a few snippets of Japanese things a like. I’ll probably have posts about Anime and other Japanese things in the future. So, until then!

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