>Farm Blocks: Trees

by Legend

>In the past I have written a Farm Blocks article on seeds and plants, but since then I have added new species of trees. There are a total of seven different types of trees, some rarer than others.

A lone tree stands.
The most common tree is the Oak. You may have seen Oak from past articles. It was the first tree type introduced. When the world is generated,1 in every 3 trees are Oak.
A big tree, now. Don’t fall off of it.
Oaks can be three different sizes, the larger, the rarer.
The tree is staring at me.
  This is the Birch tree. When the world is generated, 1 in every 6 trees are Birch.
Too many eyes.
Birch trees, like Oaks, have three sizes.
Another tree!
If you guessed this to be a Conifer (commonly mistaken for Pine) tree, you were correct! Conifer trees, like birch, have only a 1 in 6 chance of appearing. They only have two sizes, though.
Oddly shaped!
Palm trees are strangely shaped, and they are probably going to be changed a bit in the future. Usually, when a seed touches sand, it dies. It has a 1 in 3 chance of surviving, and growing into a palm!
A cocoa tree! I want chocolate!
Cocoa trees have their own seed type, the cocoa bean. Cocoa beans can be planted to grow more cocoa trees. In the future, cocoa beans will be used to make chocolate.
So pretty!
Japanese cherry blossom (or as known in Japan, sakura) trees! They are arguably the most beautiful tree in the game. They have their own seeds, like the cocoa tree. They can also grow beautiful flowers.
Too big! Too big!
 The largest tree in the game (and real life), Redwoods tower over the blocky world of Farm Blocks. They come from normal seeds, but they only have a 2% chance of growing.
King of the world!
As you can see, the number of trees adds variety to the game. Each different wood and leaf block can be picked up and used in structures.
Copyright © Starfish Festival 2011

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