>Farm Blocks: Explosives

by Legend

>Well, here is the second Farm Blocks article of this week!

Explosives. They’re deadly weapons that can destroy life as we know it. They’re also in Farm Blocks. Scary, huh? Well, they’ll destroy all pixelated life as we know it.

An average day. No dynamite! Don’t worry!
There are two types of explosives: Dynamite, and Dynablock.
Run! Into the woods! Anywhere! Don’t turn back!
Dynamite, as pictured, is small. It will set off on its own after several seconds.
The explosions of Dynamite are small, as well. It is the weaker of the two explosive types.
Now we’re getting serious. . .
Dynablocks are much more powerful than Dynamite. They can only explode after being touched by a human or Zombie. Then a timer will count, and then the bomb will explode.
Is it a nuclear war?!
Dynablocks have a high blast radius, and they can set off one another like a chain reaction!
I’d hate to be down there. . .
 However, it is rather difficult to obtain Dynablocks. The crafting recipe is said to be hidden.
The pit of doom, eh?
The explosive power of Dynamite and Dynablocks are made from crafting!
The crafting recipe will not be publicly told. But it is hidden, somewhere in the game. You just have to find it!
Copyright © Starfish Festival 2011

4 Comments to “>Farm Blocks: Explosives”

  1. >When can the puplic play☺

  2. >Interested? Well, I guess I can release a public version soon, athough it will probably be a very glitchy one.Before I can, I need to add a decent tutorial, otherwise the players will have no idea of what to do.Also, if you want you can suggest things! I love taking suggestions for Farm Blocks.

  3. >Nip: Hope it comes out soon!

  4. >Nip: Keep going at it!Those who work hard to achieve their goal, will rejoice when it is done!

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