>Farm Blocks: Sheep

by Legend

>Alright, because of the missed Farm Blocks article, I will be posting two this week. One today, one tomorrow. Sound fair? 🙂
Anyways, you know those wooly animals in barns that go “ba”? Yeah, sheep. They’re in Farm Blocks, and they are semi-important.

There is a pig, but sheep is late.
Sheep, like pigs, can only spawn (appear) during the day.
The frequency of each creature’s spawning is the same.
Sheep! Here they come!
Sheep come in three wool colours: white, the most common, grey, which is uncommon, and black, which is rare.
I’ve sheared the sheep!
Sheep can be sheared (you can craft shears), causing 1-5 pieces of wool to fall to the ground. This wool can be picked up and used in a variety of important recipes. Wool comes in the colour of the sheep shorn.
A pig has joined the party of sheep.
Sheep can eat grass, and they sometimes can grow back wool this way. Everybody is happy!
Wool + wool + wool = string
As pictured, using wool, you can craft the ever useful string! What kind of things can you make with string?
The colour wool used to make string doesn’t matter, you can even use a random combination of wool colours.
While wool is used to make string, I will also add that you can make blocks of wool, at some point.
Copyright © Starfish Festival 2011

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