>Farm Blocks: The Faust

by Legend

>Today, I will be showing you the Faust, a horrifying monster from Farm Blocks.

I sense a dark omen. . .
The Faust spawn (appear) during nighttime.
I see an outline in the tree!
The Faust are invisible, but you can see their outline in trees.
Stars may wink out for a moment when a Faust comes by.
When the Faust gets close enough to you, they will scream and burst into flames. This can be quite startling if you don’t expect it. The fire doesn’t hurt a Faust.
It’s chasing me! HELP! Oh. . . I have a sword.
Fausts become visible once they’ve used their “fire attack”, and cannot burn you anymore.
Faust still chase you. Touching them will deal damage to you.


The Faust is lost.
After you kill a Faust, sometimes a piece (or two) or their cloak will fall to the ground. These can be grounded into an explosive powder used to make dynamite.
“I’ll get you next time!”
In the morning, a Faust will cackle and fade away, even if invisible, waiting for the next nighttime.
Fausts are pretty difficult to kill, but their reward is great, and they add a uniqueness to Farm Blocks. They come in four colours (blue, brown, red, green) with four varieties (normal, red-eyed, horned, horned-red-eyed).
Copyright © Starfish Festival 2011

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