>Farm Blocks: Crafting

by Legend

>In Farm Blocks, you can craft blocks and items into…blocks and items.

Alright, time to cut down a tree.
Crafting is when you place objects into the fancy grid in the top-right corner of the screen. Some combinations of items create new items that you can use.
I’m a craftsman. I craft things.
The first step to crafting is to gather wood.
I’m crafting wood into wooden planks. Hm.
Like in the image above, you can craft wood into Planks. Planks can be used to build, but more importantly, they are the basis of many crafting recipes.

I’ve made a pickaxe from wood!

You can use planks and wood/stone to make tools.
Wooden tools have five uses, whilst stone tools have 10 uses.

Time to mine some stone.

You can only gather stone with a pickaxe. Use the stone for more crafting recipes.

I made a sword! Now I can chop up zombies!

As shown above, you can craft swords as well. Use them to fight monsters or slay animals.

There are more crafting recipes, but those are the basic ones. You can craft explosives, shears, and cooked pork, to name a few. Crafting in Farm Blocks is very useful.

Copyright © Starfish Festival 2011

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