>Farm Blocks

by Legend

>I think it is finally time to show off my “secret project”, Farm Blocks. This is a game I’ve been working on. It’s in “Alpha Version 0.5.4”.
The basic concept was inspired be Minecraft, but a lot of it is my own creativity. I’m very proud of the game.

Farm Blocks

In Farm Blocks, the player can break, place, and build. The world consists of randomly generated blocks and environments.

The Player is jumping! (So are the pigs) The Player can move with the WASD keys, jump with space bar and use the mouse to interact with the environment. Using the mouse wheel (or Q and E buttons) can scroll through blocks to place.
Look at that beautiful beach!

Currently, beaches, forests and deserts can be randomly generated. Mountains and caves may be future additions.

The player can swim! (pigs currently sink)
 Every block and character is subject to the force of gravity. Only the player can float in water for now. Pigs will gain the ability soon.
It’s a baby block!
Most of the blocks that are clicked will shrink. Once shrunk, they can be picked up by the player.
I place a block five feet above me!
Right click to place the currently selected block.
Look, a different world! It has a desert.
Cacti can grow in desert. But be careful not to touch cacti, because both pigs and the player can take damage or die. In the top left corner is your health meter. Once it depletes you will die, and then you will lose many items. Pigs drop pork upon death.
Crafting things!
In the top-right section of the screen is a crafting grid. The Player can place blocks into it to create new blocks and items.
Look! I made planks!
Click on the end product to receive it.
You can even make pickaxes!
Some tools are required for things. Only a pickaxe can dig through stone (the grey block on the lower portion of the screen).
How do you like the game? I’ve been working on it a few hours a week since November (with the exception of the holidays). I will put up more screenshots and maybe some gameplay videos later on. 🙂

Copyright © Starfish Festival 2011

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