by Legend

>I just finished looking at some of my older posts. 2 years, over 100 updates and more than 5,000 total visits. There’s been Comics, Games, Ideas, Stories and lots more. Super Two has gone really well, and when I made this website so long ago, hoping people would visit and become fans, I never expected this.
Super Two has been a great privelage to work on. When I first invented Super Two, four years ago, I had aimed for it to be the name of my future company, me and my brother being the presidents. I was planning to make all sorts of media. At first I drew comics, then I started to work on Microsoft Frontpage (which makes websites), although I never could finish making a website on it.
Finally, after two years of Super Two Comics and attempted websites, my dad showed me Blogger. He got me set up with this website.
Then I put up my first message. I thought about it hard, and I even had a few different versions, but I finally settled on:

“Hello I’m ??? (Weird name I know). This place, Super Two, is here for your enjoyment. Have fun and remember, NO COPYING. Also, you should add this place to your bookmarks (Or Favorites). ^_^ Happy Cheese!”

???. Is that not totally a weird name? I created when I wanted to remain anonymous on Chat Sites. What changed? Well, first I stopped doing Chat Sites. Second, I played a Legend of Zelda game and named myself Legend. Then I started naming myself Legend in all my video games, and ??? started to get boring (and hard to pronounce). So I decided Legend was a better name for me, and that is who I am now.
I remember updating was quite stressful and chore-like back then, because I had to update. It was like a requirement. After a year and a half of going at this pace, I chose to stop it. I’m supposed to enjoy myself, and forcing myself to update every week was not joyful. So, then I went into updating whenever I wanted to, not when I was supposed to.
My site template kept changing throught this chaos, and today I chose a new template and new banner. They are quite impressive (credit for the template is at the bottom).
So, today is a great day, yesterday was, and tomorrow will problably be too. Here’s to Super Two, creation and humour. Oh- and Happy Cheese.

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